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Based on the ground-breaking book ‘Trading Time, New Methods in Technical Analysis’, published in 2006 and the 2014 Technical Analysis book of the year, ‘Mapping Your Voyage of Discovery’, Trading Safely has built a suite of over 30 indicators and code, designed to provide the complete technical picture.

Used by professionals across the globe for decades, its core philosophy is that successful trading is about identifying opportunity quickly and clearly. This is achieved by creating the unique visualisation of multiple timeframe analysis in one picture. No more analysing lots of different charts and conflicts of information.

The unique suite of bespoke trend following tools, breakout indicators, and divergence patterns in combination with the ability to visualize multiple time frame support and resistance in one image, creates a unique and powerful insight into today’s markets.

The tools within the code provide precise entry points, risk management and multiple profit taking opportunities to give you the complete picture in trading and investing in stocks, foreign exchange and derivatives, whether you are day trader or strategic investor.

We’re confident that you will have never seen anything like this before, but whether you are a professional trader, someone who has traded and become frustrated or a newcomer to the markets, it’s critical to us that we know that you are as serious about success as we are.

Experience has told us that your dedication is far more likely to be focused if you have read the Trading Time, New Methods in Technical Analysis book before you take advantage of our on line real-time trading portal, mentoring programme and software.

Why is this? Firstly, it tells us that you are serious and are making a commitment and secondly you have an understanding as to why our methods are so powerful. This provides you with the head start so you can hit the ground running and see how our visualisions have been upgraded, improved and simplified.  If it’s not for you, all you have done is spent $80 and some time reading.  (Link to book somewhere in here).

This is no ordinary Trading book. Self Published in order to get the quality we demanded, it is bound in Hardback A4 and in full colour. Small things like never having to turn a page in order to see a picture mentioned in the text are examples of attention to detail readers appreciate. Read a preview of the book now.

But don’t just take our word for it, here’s what Andy O’Kelly, of Cabrera Capital, has to say about working with Shaun:

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Shaun for over fifteen years and I always consider myself exceptionally lucky that he is the one that taught me how to trade using his Technical Analysis techniques.

His approach and methods may vary by market but that is proof in itself of his evolution over the course of more than thirty five years of extensive learning as well as a deep understanding that different markets behave in different ways.

His energy and understanding of how markets operate will be quite unlike anything you will have experienced and I assure you that any conversation will leave a long lasting impression. Most people seem to have read Murphy’s bestseller on Technical Analysis as they began their studies. In reality most modern day experts have not strayed too far from the tried and tested methods developed several decades ago. While Shaun operates an elegant simplicity in his work you will quickly come to realize just how much he has personally advanced this field with little to no recognition. The outputs are exceptional and designed to work on any market in any timeframe. I doubt you will have discovered much if any of his work up until this point but this is really the first time he is deploying his latest techniques and visualisations to the wider market.

I have been encouraged by Shaun to learn as much as possible about this powerful market discipline.  The one resounding lesson I have come away with is that Shaun is unique in his approach and provides market insight like no other.  Shaun’s work ethic, character and lifelong dedication to his work make him the diamond in a very overpopulated rough. I am proud to call him my friend and I strongly encourage you to explore his work.  I promise that you will not look back and it will seem like someone has just flicked the lightswitch for you.”

– Andy O’Kelly, Cabrera Capital

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Shaun Downey has written two books Trading Time, New Methods in TECHNICAL ANALYSIS in 2007, and winner of the TECHNICAL ANALYSIS book of the year Mapping Your Voyage of Discovery in 2014. Find out more about these publications (priced at US$80.00) and BUY NOW.

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