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Please note: Past performance doesn’t guarantee future returns.

I just thought id let you know that despite there being not much going on, ive made 2k in the first 10 days of March*. Mainly by trading oil, gold and VXX really small.

I deviated a bit from the Trading Safely system but your indicators gave me confidence to make some of those trades. Also started reading Shaun’s book, thanks for sending me that!

I also think the direction you’re taking this in is perfect. Constant updates, the webinars are great and so on.”

*Past performance is not indicative of future returns.

Lukas Niklaus

Trading Safely is exactly what it promises to be. Its a safe trading system that yields higher profit as any of the outdated index and mutual funds the finance industry is trying to convince us to buy.

I have been with these guys for three months now and had a really great time. I have made a constant 3% monthly profit* that would’ve been higher if i had been a bit more disciplined with sticking to the system and only trading proper signals.

This brings me to the next point. The system is not just something you do blind. Every signal has to be assessed and cross checked to make sure its valid. That’s where Jeremy and Shaun’s experience becomes so helpful. They make a amazing effort to educate us individually and thoroughly. They are always available on Skype to answer questions and discuss issues. Their weekly Webinars and also Shaun’s constant market updates via email are so helpful and really have taught me a lot about the market and how it moves.

Recently they have also added a Facebook group where students/participants can exchange thoughts, and also where they add more education and ‘nice to knows’ as well as tips and clarifications on questions. This has added another layer of depth.

Having had some experience in options trading, this has been the perfect addition to my trading style. I think this is the future of investing.
People taking finance in their own hands and getting engaged instead of just dropping their money into a fund and let them charge crazy fees to make smaller gains than what you could do on your own.

The thing that matters the most for me though is that both Jeremy and Shaun are authentic and real. They truly care about the people who want to come on and learn to me that alone was already worth the price.

I can only recommend this to anyone out there who is willing to take their finances in their own hands.”

*Past performance is not indicative of future returns.

Lukas Niklaus

Since applying your unique methods I have been able to make 30% Return* on Risk in 3 months. In the past I used to have to flick through lots of different charts looking at all the higher time frames – now I can see instantaneously what the big picture is. What’s really cool is knowing when I’m wrong very quickly. This stuff really works.

*Past performance is not indicative of future returns.

David Goldin

Independent Trader

“It’s great to find a system that utilises an approach that isn’t just a rehash of different methods that almost every other trader tries to use. The use of time frames as a foundation for trades is cutting edge. A great system and one I’m pleased to endorse!”

Kane Jackson

CEO, Empire Equity Group P/L

I would highly recommend it as an invaluable trading tool for expert investors, let alone the money it’s likely to save beginners.

Mark Voller

Marylebone Partners

I just wanted to share my story with you and say thanks Shaun!

As you know I was a trader in the pits on the Chicago Exchange. When the pits closed and trading went electronic my friends and I all decided to start trading from home.

As you know when I met you I was losing most of my reserves and was very concerned.

But now life is spectacular Shaun. It has now been nearly three years and nearly all of my friends have lost all their money trading, however due to your trading safely system, I now live an incredible life and I owe it to you. I cannot thank you enough.


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